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Sewer Repair in Citrus Heights, CA
Sewer Repair in Citrus Heights, CA
Sewer Repair in Citrus Heights, CA

Sewer Repair in Citrus Heights, CA

The sewer line beneath your property serves a crucial function in managing wastewater. However, even the most resilient infrastructure can encounter challenges, and the sewer line is no exception. Pipe damage, tree root infiltrations, and bellied pipes are just some of the threats that sewer lines face.

Fortunately for residents in the area, reliable sewer repair in Citrus Heights is just a call away. Rooter Man Plumbing is proud to offer sewer repair, sewer line cleaning, and even trenchless sewer line replacement services. Call Rooter Man today or continue reading to learn more about our services.

Pipe Damage Repair

Over time, pipes can develop cracks, fractures, or corrosion due to shifting soil, freezing and thawing, or settling. These issues compromise the structural integrity of the sewer line. Slow drainage, water pooling in the yard, or unpleasant odors may signify pipe damage. If you notice these signs of trouble, then call Rooter Man to speak with a member of our team today.

We employ trenchless sewer line repair techniques that save your yard from extensive digging. Call Rooter Man or explore our website to learn more about our pipe-lining methods.

Sewer Repair in Citrus Heights, CA

Tackling Tree Root Infiltrations

Tree roots are drawn to the moisture and nutrients within sewer pipes. As they infiltrate pipe joints and crackls, they can cause blockages and more extensive damage which can compromise functionality. Recurrent blockages, gurgling sounds, or slow drainage can indicate tree root infiltration.

Rooter Man Plumbing’s hydro-jetting drain cleaning offers a non-invasive solution to eliminating tree roots. Extremely powerful water jets can break through even tree roots and dried concrete. We begin with a live video inspection of the sewer line to make sure it can withstand the force.

Removing Sewer Line Clogs and Blockages

While tree roots can block the sewer line, it’s not the only thing that can clog the pipes. Accumulation of grease, debris, or foreign objects inside the sewer line can impede the flow of wastewater, causing potential backups. Slow drainage, toilet backups, or gurgling sounds in drains are tell-tale signs of clogs and blockages.

Rooter Man Plumbing’s drain cleaning services quickly and thoroughly scour away gunk and muck in the sewer line before sending the debris away. Our hydro-jetting drain cleaning offers thorough and long-lasting results.

Resolving Structural Issues

The sewer line installation is vulnerable to the forces of nature and time. For instance, sections of the sewer line may sink due to soil conditions, creating a low point where waste and debris accumulate. Frequent blockages, slow drainage, or sewage odors may indicate bellied pipes.

Structural Issues are more difficult to resolve, and they generally involve replacing the affected pipes. Fortunately, Rooter Man offers trenchless sewer line replacement in Citrus Heights. We don’t have to excavate your entire lawn to access the sewer line. Our pipe-bursting techniques are minimally invasive and offer long-lasting results.

Call Rooter Man Plumbing Anytime

There is no bad time to call Rooter Man Plumbing. We are proud to offer emergency sewer repair services as well as sewer line cleaning and replacement services. Our team is ready to take your call today.

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