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Faucet & Kitchen Sink
Faucet & Kitchen Sink
Faucet & Kitchen Sink

Faucet & Kitchen Sink

The faucet and kitchen sink are a cook’s two best friends, keeping the heart of the home clean and sanitary. But they can falter, and it’s important to regularly check up on them. Regularly look under the sink for leaks and handle dripping faucets as soon as possible. If you notice any signs of trouble, then arrange a sink or faucet repair in Sacramento as soon as possible by calling Rooter Man Plumbing. Our live representatives and dedicated plumbers are on standby to take your call at any time of the day. We can schedule an appointment or even arrange urgent clogged kitchen sink repair today.

A Dripping Faucet Is Wasted Money

Many homeowners think a faucet repair is expensive but wait until you find out about those water bills. Even a drip per second adds up to over 3,000 gallons of water through the year. A dripping faucet may only seem like an inconvenience, but the long-term costs of wasted water can easily outweigh the price of a quick faucet repair. The Sacramento plumbers at Rooter Man Plumbing can be in and out with a quick and affordable repair today. Call Rooter Man Plumbing to request urgent assistance.

Is It Past Time to Get a New Faucet?

If your faucet is constantly leaking or breaking down, or if it just looks outdated and old, then consider a faucet replacement instead. When you choose Rooter Man Plumbing for your faucet replacement in Sacramento, you will be hiring an experienced and uniformed plumber. Your faucet installer in Sacramento will not only take care of the faucet replacement, but they can also help you determine whether you’ve got the right faucet for your property.

If you are not sure whether to repair or replace your faucet, then get in touch with Rooter Man Plumbing to have a plumber inspect yours.

Faucet & Kitchen Sink

Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Sanitary

There is a lot of organic material going down your drains – you want to make sure they are truly going down the drains, and not leaking out under. Regularly inspect for signs of drain leaks, and address slow drainage without delay. Leaking kitchen sinks and drains can expose your household to health hazards like microbes, bacteria, and pathogens. Keep your kitchen clean and sanitary by calling in plumbers sooner rather than later.

We Handle Outdoor Faucets Too

It’s not just kitchen faucets we repair and replace. Rooter Man Plumbing also offers outdoor faucet installation. Whether you need a faucet for landscaping or gardening, or you need a greater water supply, an outdoor faucet installation can help. Our experienced plumbers have the tools and materials to remove stubborn faucets and replace them with newer, more effective faucets.

Emergency Faucet Repair Available

Nothing disrupts your schedule quite like a broken faucet right before dinner preparations. If you have been surprised by a broken faucet, then call Rooter Man Plumbing for urgent faucet repair. We are proud to offer emergency plumbing services, and our dedicated plumbers are on standby to take your call at any time of the day.

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