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Plumbing Scams You Must Know About



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Plumbing Scams You Must Know About

The plumbing industry is a massive one, with all sorts of individuals claiming expertise and promising plumbing solutions. With charlatans abound, it's important to stay vigilant for scams. In this brief article brought to you by Rooter Man Plumbing, we shed light on some common plumbing scams that homeowners and businesses should dodge.

The Bait-And-Switch Pricing

Pricing is a point of contention between property owners and plumbers, and it’s important to agree on pricing BEFORE the work begins. Sometimes, tricksters will offer an attractively low initial estimate, only to inflate costs with hidden fees or fabricated issues during the job. Insist on a detailed written estimate before work begins, and ensure the plumber communicates any additional costs promptly and seeks approval before proceeding.


Water Quality Testing Scam

Who’s going to turn down a FREE water quality test? Offering free water quality tests and exaggerating the presence of contaminants to sell unnecessary water treatment systems is a well-known scam.

You should not feel rushed to sign onto plumbing work by someone offering free services. Be skeptical of unsolicited offers for free water tests, and consult an independent water testing service for a comprehensive and unbiased analysis.

Unnecessary Repiping Scams

Modern plumbing pipes are built to last decades. Though accidental damage may require a pipe replacement, a whole-house repiping is NOT common. Many times, a fraud will claim extensive repiping is urgently required, citing imaginary leaks or pipe degradation.

Seek a second opinion from a reputable plumbing professional. Ask for clear evidence and explanations before committing to significant and costly repiping projects.

Exaggerated Emergency Repairs

Plumbing is essential, and problems with plumbing fixtures pipes can be nerve-wracking. Charlatans capitalize on this anxiety by creating a sense of urgency and claiming immediate and costly repairs are essential to prevent catastrophic damage.

Take the time to get a second opinion, especially for purported emergencies. Consult with a trusted plumber to verify the severity of the issue before agreeing to costly plumbing repair service.

Dishonest Warranty Claims

Warranties on products and workmanship guarantees provide a valuable peace of mind. That comfort can quickly turn into a cold shower when you find out the guarantor will not hold up their end of the bargain.

If a service provider offers a warranty or guarantee, make sure to get everything in writing, have it dated, and make sure to have signatures. Moreover, check reviews and testimonials to gauge a plumber's reputation for standing behind their work.

Unnecessary Water Heater Replacement

A water heater does one job, but it has so many complex components. Some fraudsters will claim that a water heater is irreparable and must be replaced, even when a simple repair may suffice.

When facing costly repairs or the prospect of a replacement, consult multiple plumbers for opinions on water heater issues. Ensure that replacements are genuinely necessary and justified.

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16 / Dec / 2023